Making a Personal Injury Claim Following an Accident Abroad


Many people are fully aware that if they suffer an injury and it is the fault of somebody else, for example an accident in the workplace caused by negligence on the part of their employer, then they are entitled to make a claim for compensation. However, a lot of people are much less confident of their position when the accident happened overseas in a different legal jurisdiction, and they are now back in the UK. Are such individuals still entitled to make a claim and, if so, how much does the international nature of the case complicate matters?

The Right to Claim for an Accident Overseas

If you suffered an accident overseas and it was the fault of somebody else’s negligence, then you may well be entitled to make a claim just as you would be with an accident in the UK. This is almost certainly true if you are still dealing with a UK entity, for example if you suffered an accident while working abroad on behalf of your UK employer.

If you were abroad on holiday rather than for specific, non-leisure purposes such as work, then the laws of the country you were in at the time and circumstances of the accident could play a much bigger role in deciding your eligibility. However, liability for your accident may still lie with a UK entity. For example, if you booked a holiday package through a UK travel agent and were injured due to another person’s negligence in the grounds of the hotel they provided you with, then the travel agent could be found liable for your injury and be required to pay compensation.

Making Your Claim

If you are pursuing a claim against a UK company, or against a company that has an office or other registered place of business in the UK, then the claims process is usually just the same as it would be if the accident had happened within the country. For example, if you were working abroad on behalf of your employer which also has operations in the UK, you can pursue a claim against that company’s UK arm in just the same way you would pursue any other work accident claim.

If the negligence of another individual or organisation has led you to suffer an accident and injury abroad but there is no party within the UK to take responsibility, you may still be able to make a claim. However, eligibility can vary significantly from case to case and, especially, depending on the laws of the country involved. It is therefore advisable to consult a specialist personal injury solicitor for tailored advice on the potential to claim compensation.

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