How do you change a kitchen tap with shower heads?

Finding yourself faced with a leaking tap is not always pleasant. Often in this kind of situation, we tend to call in a professional to avoid any risk? However, changing a kitchen tap with a sprayer is not that complicated and you can even do it yourself. This article shows you how.

 Buy a new tap and replace it with the old one

The first thing to think about is choosing a new kitchen faucet. There are several different models on the market. Explore this catalogue of kitchen taps. As the tap is equipped with a sprayer and next to four small holes sometimes a large hole, it is advisable to buy a tap that best fits the kitchen counter.

Once the new tap has been purchased, it can now be replaced. Then make sure you have the tools such as basin spanner, spanner, supply pipe, bucket, and plumber’s putty at your disposal. Once these pieces of equipment are at hand, the old tap should be removed after turning off the water.

The new tap, previously purchased, should then be placed in the opening, ensuring that its connections are attached to the meter. If necessary, apply plumber’s putty around the fittings to secure the tap to the counter.

 Connecting the water pipes with the braided hoses

This is the final step in the process. It involves using the braided hoses to attach the water pipes. Use the spanners to tighten the ends and then place the bucket under the sink. Turn on the water from each source to flush and remove all particles

After cleaning the pipes, make sure the water is turned off before connecting the ends of the supply hose to the tap. Then pull the sprayer hose through the countertop opening. Remember to connect the sprayer hose to the centre connection and apply the sealing compound to this connection. Check the drain lines and make sure everything is working properly.

Water leaks are often common and unpleasant. There are techniques for changing taps yourself.