How do you recognize fake news?

Information is a commodity you need to stay in society. However, today’s world is so complex that it is difficult to distinguish between real information and fake news. Indeed, with the expansion of social networks, everyone is susceptible to any information. Sometimes, the elements are treated according to the interests. The information has thus become a means of denigration, intimidation and scam. Here are the tips to identify fake news.

Find the source of the information

The most used ways to get information today are social media. This is because they are easy to tap into and provide information instantly. This is why the rate of fake news is higher on these media unlike other platforms such as To check the authenticity of the information in front of you in order to avoid disclosing an article with little credibility, you must first refer to the website that relayed the said information. You should check the age of the site by checking if other articles have been published on the web page. Then, look at the section of the article to see the contents that are published. Check if the author of said article is active on other sites.

Emphasize critical thinking

All the information published always tends to be in the veracity. Any informant always manages to deliver a catchy headline. Since he knows full well that this is the bulwark that must be crossed to fool his reader. But the reader that you are should not be satisfied with this form. You must develop a critical mind on the content by leaving aside the emotion to focus instead on the logic. Start by asking yourself about the intention of the author of the article. Is he or she trying to persuade you to his or her point of view? Does the article contain a link that directs you to an external site? These are all aspects that you must verify.