The harmful effects of kratom.

Produced in Southeast Asia, kratom is used in the design of several products intended to cure pathologies. Nevertheless, the lack of knowledge about this plant increases the number of unfortunate events. What do we know about kratom and what are its health effects? More details in the rest of this article.

Some cases of incidents due to its consumption.

Kratom is mainly cultivated in South-East Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand… For some time now, a rush has been observed towards this leaf as a substitute for the difficulties many people have in accessing quality care. Although kratom provides several sensations and cures for the human organism, excessive consumption is detrimental to health. In fact, in America, 10 human lives have already been lost. In addition, a product made from kratom has caused 9 deaths in Sweden. Finally, this month in Canada, a young man lost his life after consuming a kratom-based tea. What impact does kratom have on the body? Click on the link below for more details

Some side effects of kratom

Although it has negligible effects compared to drugs, kratom has a strong effect on the stomach. “Bali kratom is the category that produces the most of this effect. The Thai variant stimulates more strongly by secreting an immunostimulant substance such as uncaria. This results in nausea and possibly vomiting. In combination with narcotics, alcohol or benzodiazepines severe interactions occur. This can lead to a lack of alertness, a severe lack of energy, uncontrolled restlessness and nervousness. Hyperthermia, depression and convulsions are other adverse effects of kratom. When taken in excess, kratom induces dehydration, constipation, weight loss, anorexia, asthenia, hyperpigmentation, insomnia… Finally, in case of overdose, death can occur as in the cases mentioned above.