US lady quizzed for stealing house speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s PC during DC mayhem

The hunt for the perpetrators of the riots on the Capitol is on, and the FBI has caught some suspects. One of the suspects who was seen entering the speaker’s office and alleged to have stolen her PC has been nabbed.

Speaker’s Pelosi alleged Laptop thief charged by Federal authorities

According to court documents obtained on Wednesday, a lady suspected of having stolen speaker Pelosi’s PC has been apprehended. This complaint made mention of an online video, which Miss Williams.


The video shows when she barged her way into Pelosi’s office. She had now been charged with aiding and abetting, embezzlement, obstruction, and stealing private properties. Williams will still face the charge of “ entering a restricted building ‘without legal authority. Williams surrendered when officers in Pennsylvania caught up with her on Tuesday.


Her ex-lover called the FBI to give them her address after videos of her act grazed the social media space. In an amended complaint by federal agents, they said Williams’s lover showed the FBI videos and live streams of her with Pelosi HP laptop, a voice believed to be Williams talking in the background.

Video evidence surfaces that Williams is the offender

The charge states that the DC police confirms that a laptop was confirmed to have been stolen from the speaker’s office and the video confirms their suspicion that Williams is the perpetrator. This complaint also included evidence from a social media platform “Discord” where a member wrote:


“ I stole something from Nancy Pelosi’s desk, I took her hard drives and I don’t care what happens”


However, this complaint has not been able to link Williams to the post. Her ex-lover confirms that she uses the platform regularly. The former lover told the FBI that she was planning to send the laptop to a close pal in Russia, who will then sell to the KGB.


However, for factors not yet ascertained, the deal didn’t materialize. Williams and her legal counsel are yet to comment on the charges.