What are the tips for a successful website design?

A site, to interest the most users, must propose an attractive and optimized design to facilitate the use. To obtain such a result, you must work on your graphic charter, the use of color and the structure of the contents. In this article, we give you tips on these three aforementioned elements.

Opting for optimal color usage

The use of colors on a site must respect a logic and bring a better visual rendering. For this reason, it is recommended to choose between 3 and 5 colors for a site. A palette as small as the previous one will bring ease and harmony in the associations. Do not give predominance to one color over the others. Take advantage of the free spaces to bring out the nuances, as is the case with the Templates offered with several bonuses on the webdesign-inspiration.com website. In a more practical approach, we recommend, highlighting your links in color. Your calls to action should be clearly visible with very expressive colors. Animations as well as illustrations should bring more life to your site through a dynamic use of color. White background is suitable for all sites, but if you are used to site design, you can use different color backgrounds to separate your content.

Have a clear hierarchy of content

On a site, not all information is housed at the same level of importance. Therefore, it is crucial that your design promotes optimal access to information for the user. For this reason, you must take time to define the appropriate structure for the content of your site. You need to think about the font size of the information, for example the font size adopted for a title and a subtitle. You should also think about the choice of bold, underlining or highlighting.

Have a graphic charter

The graphic charter remains an essential element for the website. It is composed of the company’s logo, typography and color choices. These components must respect a coherence with the visual image that the company wants to send back. It is therefore important to work on it and especially to personalize it as much as possible, because it will be a differentiating factor in the eyes of your targets.