What do I need to know about an air ambulance?

Medevac is sometimes the only option to save a patient’s life. Highly beneficial, these ambulances have somehow reduced the mortality rate due to unexpected and very serious illnesses or accidents. What should you know about this type of ambulance? This article tells you the basics.

What is an air ambulance?

An air ambulance or medical air transport is the set of aircraft that are equipped with medical equipment, qualified medical personnel who are responsible for providing care to a patient. Also, the medical ambulance ensures the transport of a patient to a medical base. This allows it to quickly get his response.

The different types of air ambulances that exist

There are several types of air ambulances. Among many others, the most commonly used are helicopters and aeroplanes. The primary role of these ambulances is to ensure better care during the transport of the patient. The good news is that these air ambulances are very fast.

The different uses of an air ambulance

Air ambulances are useful in several areas. When you are injured during a trip and you want to get local care, an air ambulance is used. Also, you can use an air ambulance to go to a hospital for specialised care
. Sometimes ground transport can result in the death of the patient. In this case, you can use an air ambulance.

The different medical evacuations available

Emergency medical evacuation can be done by two methods

Repatriation by plane

In this case, the company can provide the patient with a private jet or an air ambulance, depending on the patient’s condition. These well noted ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and are used to provide emergency care to a patient.

Repatriation by commercial aircraft

This method is less expensive and is intended for any patient with a low budget. This method is only used if the patient can lie down. As with the repatriation by plane, a medical team accompanies the patient throughout the journey to provide emergency care.